New Tests for Smoke Alarms and Detectors Coming Soon

In order to improve the detection of fires from synthetic materials and to reduce unwanted alarms, new tests have been developed for smoke alarms. In addition to the long established tests, beginning in May 29, […]

5 Popular Webinars from System Sensor’s Archives

System Sensor webinars frequently cover topics such as smoke and carbon monoxide detection, emergency communications, aspiration smoke detection, voice evacuation, duct smoke detection, and more. Don’t worry if you missed one (or if you need a […]

Introducing DUCTSD: a New Duct Smoke Detector by System Sensor

Meet the new DUCTSD – a duct smoke detector that simplifies testing with a cover-integrated smoke test port. DUCTSD’s cover-integrated smoke test port enables contractors to test the detector’s operation using any approved aerosol test […]

AV Education: 6 Training Videos for Notification Appliances

System Sensor offers a wide variety of videos, which we’re proud to share here on our blog. This time, we’d like to shine the spotlight on notification appliances by featuring some educational AV content. Check out the training […]