Time to Organize

editors-letterBy Doug Hoeferle,

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Losing weight and quitting bad habits are common New Year’s resolutions: common to make, common to break. Even if you have already blown the resolutions you made, allow us to suggest another: organization.

Organization is sometimes harder to accomplish than it seems, but it can do wonders for saving time and reducing headaches. The National Fire Protection Association made organization a priority in the 2013 edition of NFPA 72®, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code®, which, as we discuss in this issue’s cover story, makes code users’ jobs easier by consolidating documentation and tables, for instance.

Here’s another reason to get organized: Poor organization can cost you. Good record-keeping and planning can help you stay on top of customers’ maintenance and service needs, which in turn can reduce unnecessary downtime while promoting more business opportunities for you:

• Proactive calls/visits can lead to more sales. The electrochemical sensor within carbon monoxide detectors works at full strength for about six years. When it’s time to replace a System Sensor CO1224T/CO1224TR detector, the built-in timer will notify the panel. May we suggest that you schedule a courtesy visit with your customers just before that time to review the status of these detectors and other system needs? A good scheduling system that reminds you when systems are due for service or replacement can also be a proactive sales tool.

• Make time for yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in today’s emergencies and tomorrow’s problems. But it’s important to make time for training that can go a long way toward improving your skills and expanding what your business can sell or do for your customers. Visit systemsensor.com/training to see when System Sensor is holding online courses and webinars, as well as live seminars throughout the U.S.

Practice good business habits to win and keep customers, and let System Sensor be your resource for products, training and ideas that can help make 2013 a profitable year.

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