The New i4 – and the Need for Education

editorialBy Doug Hoeferle,
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

System Sensor proudly announces the i4 Series combination CO/smoke detector and interface module, the first system-connected combination solution for conventional fire and security systems. With an integral sounder with Temporal 3 and Temporal 4 capability, the i4 Detector sends distinct CO or smoke alerts to the panel and homeowner.

As Gene Rowe suggests in this month’s Ask the Expert, we have a lot of work to do to educate the market about combination fire/CO devices. Rowe tirelessly advocates combination systems, such as our new i4, because there’s simply no downside. However, many professionals, never mind homeowners, aren’t even aware these types of systems exist.

Helping homeowners understand why they should care about system-connected detection is very important at this juncture. Homeowners are familiar with the limitations of a security system that triggers a sounder, yet is disconnected from a monitoring station. But consumers are unaccustomed to system-connected CO devices, which could automatically alert emergency services when the potentially deadly gas reaches dangerous levels.

For installation and service salespeople, the low-hanging fruit are homeowners who already have monitored security, because system-connected combination fire/CO devices can be easily and affordably added to their existing security systems.

We cannot be content with pursuing the easy jobs, though. It took a massive consumer education campaign to bring smoke detectors into homes, and the effort was well worth it. Promoting not only residential installation of CO, but system-connected fire/CO capabilities for more comprehensive coverage and life safety, is also well worth the time and effort it will take to save lives with this technology.

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