‘Get Out’ a New Plan for Messaging

editorialBy Rebecca Peterson,
AV Product Marketing Manager, System Sensor

“If only we had known” is a common refrain after a tragedy. We wish we knew what was in store for us ahead of time so that we could plan accordingly and avert loss. However, that’s not always possible.

Events like a developing tropical storm or a road closing for construction offer ample advance notice to take cover or change routes, but some emergencies offer only minimal notice, if any. In every case, though, the story changes with the emergency—from the first inkling of a problem through the process of restoring normalcy.

Early emergency communications systems (ECS) solely focus on sounding the alarm, as if to exclaim: “Get out,” “Fire,” or “Seek shelter!”

The initial alarm is just the first part of the messaging protocol today. Now, the initial warning should be followed by audible directions to the exits and then further instructions regarding what’s happening and what to do next.

Each of those messages, however, can involve a different system as well as a different authority and decision-making process.

As System Sensor continues to develop ECS and fire/life safety solutions of all types, we’re aware of how emergency messaging – along with all the involved security, fire, and other building systems – challenges our customers. Whether code calls for certain updates or particular applications simply warrant them, we are making every effort to ease the integration of systems, plans, and other requirements.

So, while System Sensor already offers specific products for ECS and mass notification, the reality is that our full product line can now be part of the bigger emergency communications picture.

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