Communication Disruption: Protecting Telecommunication Facilities from Fire

communication disruptionEDITOR’S LETTER
By Christa Poss, Aspiration Marketing Manager, System Sensor

Can you imagine a world without telephone or internet service, cable TV, or ecommerce? These services have become so ingrained in our everyday lives that any minor disruption can cripple our functionality.

Fortunately, as Ron Marts explains in this month’s Ask the Expert, the U.S. telecommunications service is the most reliable in the world: there hasn’t been one loss of life from fire or smoke in this industry. However, rigorous fire protection strategies are in place to maintain the nation’s network.

For managers of telecommunication facilities with vast networks of switchboards, computers, mechanical equipment, and other systems, protection from a fire event boils down to how much risk or loss is acceptable. The simple answer is none.

Very early detection systems, such as System Sensor’s FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology®, can be integrated in many environments where smoke or fire damage is completely unacceptable. The cover feature expands on the situations in which very early detection is a viable part of the overall fire protection solution.

FAAST protects environments that cannot tolerate loss. At the first sign of smoke, the system triggers an alarm—long before standard fire detection systems would. FAAST offers the highest level of protection and is the ideal solution to fire protection in these environments.

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