AV Education: 6 Training Videos for Notification Appliances

System Sensor offers a wide variety of videos, which we’re proud to share here on our blog. This time, we’d like to shine the spotlight on notification appliances by featuring some educational AV content.

Check out the training videos below for some fire alarm notification knowledge! You can watch them in order or find the one that best suits your needs.

Decals and Lenses for Strobes

We can help you find the best markings and lenses for your mass notification or emergency communication needs! System Sensor offers a line of AV notification devices that can be customized with unique markings and other colored lenses. This video explains the decal kit, demonstrates how to apply decals to our audible visible devices, and provides an overview of alternate lens colors such as blue, red, green, or amber. 

Dual Strobe Expander Plates

How would you like to have two different integrated devices with two separate messages? Dual strobe expander plates save time and money by allowing you to do just that. Expander plates feature System Sensor’s popular plug-in design and they’re easy enough for a single person to install. They’re also dual-listed for both ceiling and wall devices.

AV Mounting Plates

The mounting plate was designed to establish a common platform across the SpectrAlert Advance product line. System Sensor’s horns, strobes, chimes, 2- and 4-wire combo devices, speakers, and speaker strobes can mount to a range of back boxes for your specific application. Watch the video for more mounting plate options.

Indoor Surface Mount Back Boxes

If you need to mount AV devices on hard surfaces like tile or brick, then you’ll like our back boxes. System Sensor offers surface-mount back boxes (in either red or white) for all of our indoor AV devices. Do you use our horns, strobes, horn strobes, chimes, chime strobes, speakers, or speaker strobes? Watch this video to learn more about using and installing surface-mount back boxes with your AV notification devices.

Flush Mount Outdoor AV Products and Accessories

Extreme environmental conditions can be problematic, but not for the SpectrAlert Advance outdoor AV product line! It was designed to maintain a NEMA-3R rating while withstanding such conditions. In this video, you’ll learn more about flush-mount, weatherproof plates for your System Sensor AV devices, including a brief installation overview.

How to Install Outdoor AV Back Boxes

SpectrAlert Advance outdoor AV devices were designed to withstand tough environmental conditions when installed properly. Check out this video to learn how to mount back boxes, seal knockouts, install threaded plugs, connect conduit, and more. It also highlights connector options and the proper methods to maintain a NEMA rating for your device.

Bonus videos:

Webinar: Intelligibility and EASE Evac

This video (from our webinar archive) reviews the design considerations of integrating speakers and speaker strobes into voice evacuation and emergency communications systems. Learn about the intelligibility requirements referenced in NFPA 72®: 2010 and later editions that may be mandated in states and municipalities adopting the 2012 edition of the IBC/IFC. Also featured: AFMG (a software company not affiliated with System Sensor) demos their EASE Evac 3-D sound modeling software.

Key Changes to 2012 and 2015 Codes

Review several key changes to the 2012 and 2015 editions of the International Fire Code, International Building Code, International Residential Code, International Mechanical Code, NFPA 101, and NFPA 5000 by watching this webinar recording. Additionally, it touches on the new requirements for emergency voice alarm communication (EVAC) and carbon monoxide systems, smoke detection installation requirements, and hospital smoke compartment size.

We hope you enjoyed these educational videos for audible visible devices. For even more visual content, please visit our Video Library on SystemSensor.com.

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