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How Tolerant Are You?

EDITOR’S LETTER By Christa Poss, Aspiration Marketing Manager, System Sensor When you hear the word “tolerance,” what comes to mind? Accepting someone whose opinion differs from your own? Keeping your cool when the air conditioner […]

A Blast from the Past

Emergency messaging systems notify occupants of fire, weather hazards, and other threats, which is why consistent message delivery is so important. But what happens if people receive inconsistent messages due to multi-building functions, language barriers, or hard-to-identify emergencies?

‘Get Out’ a New Plan for Messaging

“If only we had known” is a common refrain after a tragedy. We wish we knew what was in store for us ahead of time so that we could plan accordingly and avert loss. However, that’s not always possible.

A Sound Off on Tone

Through our work developing products and meeting intelligibility code requirements with our audible life safety systems, we’ve long realized an important point: Proper notification isn’t just about turning up the sound. It’s about being heard – and understood.