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Rigorous Fire Protection Sustains Reliable Networks

When it comes to the telecommunications industry and its particular fire protection requirements, Ron Marts, a registered architect and Certified Facilities Manager, is no stranger to its unique intricacies. With more than 34 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Ron built his career specializing in building standards, building codes, and fire protection strategies for the three major telecommunications service providers.

i4 Combination CO/Smoke Detector

The i4 Series is the first low-voltage, system-connected, combination smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detection solution for conventional security and fire panels.

A Blast from the Past

Emergency messaging systems notify occupants of fire, weather hazards, and other threats, which is why consistent message delivery is so important. But what happens if people receive inconsistent messages due to multi-building functions, language barriers, or hard-to-identify emergencies?

Amplify Messaging with Acoustics Design

Until recently, thoughtful acoustical planning has been reserved for sound systems in places like concert halls and theatres. However, according to Robert Hammond, PSP, NICET III (emergency communications system designer and principal consultant) and Ethan Salter, PE, LEED AP (acoustician and principal consultant) of Charles M. Salter Associates Inc. – a San Francisco engineering firm specializing in acoustics, audiovisual, telecommunications, security and emergency communications – the growing emphasis on emergency messaging intelligibility amplifies the role of acoustics and audibility in many types of facilities. Where they see room for improvement is in recognizing the multiple factors that impact intelligibility, and the necessity of engaging acousticians earlier in the design process.